Sooz Esrkine


Mondays 10am – 8pm
Tuesdays 9pm – 5pm

As a Professional Kinesiologist and Transformational Wellness Coach with over 15 years experience, Sooz assists clients to reduce stress and anxiety, to feel calm and relaxed, to align them into their purpose and facilitate the body’s natural healing process so that they can experience clarity, freedom and joy. By combining kinesiology, integrative medicine, transformational coaching and other tools each client is empowered and completely supported along their path to optimal health and wellbeing.

Sooz works on the principle that every person is unique, that no two clients are the same – even if they present with the same issue. Clients are treated in a holistic way to create individual health pathways specific to the individual to bring about positive outcomes and balance to the issues that they are presenting with.

With each client, Sooz uses her knowledge and experience in spiritual studies, art therapy, transpersonal, five element work, flower essences, chakra healing, sound therapy, shamanic healing, nutrition, meridian energy healing and aromatherapy to bring about personal transformation. Her sessions are renown to help those that are ready to heal quickly, gently and safely, especially when they’re open to change and improving their lives.

As a kinesiologist, Sooz is particularly passionate about helping shift emotional and spiritual blocks in relation to life transition, relationship struggles, self-sabotage, creativity, past traumas and anxiety/fear.

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Initial and return consultations (1 hour) $200
Kinesiology rebates available with most health funds